We're Tampa Bay's first Mixed Martial Arts & Yoga Studio. As martial artists & yogi's we saw the value in cohabiting both curriculums under one roof.  (With very tall ceilings we might add) As a professional kickboxer, our founder, Vince McGuinness knows the passion and the obsession that goes along with being a martial artist. That often times, athletes are quick to train harder, but don't reward their body or their mind with the breath and body work that yoga has to offer. He knew he wanted his studio to embody the commitment that every athlete and yogi has to their mat, to their practice, and so when he learned that Kaizen means "Continuous Improvement" he knew he'd found the name. 

We opened one month before Covid-19's unknown health and business scares impacted Tampa Bay and the rest of the country. But health and safety has always been of importance to us... seriously. You should see our coaches clean these mats. So, almost nine months later. We've added new coaches, more classes, a sauna, an ice bath. A deck. 

So come punch your friends, roll with new ones, kick some bags, stretch it out, and don't be afraid to sweat a little. We can't wait to train with you. 

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